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im new so please help me with my stuff

2008-11-28 23:44:40 by samtrev0898

please comment me if u think u can help me thanks bye ps madness is freakin awesome


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2008-11-29 01:29:29

damn straight madness is awsome do you know how to do anything?

samtrev0898 responds:

i know how to make weaker animations but not like ''These pancakes are tiny or any thing do u knw what krinkles uses


2008-11-29 01:49:11

I made this post to help people ews/post/230426


2008-12-06 11:10:02

there are like, 50 fucking Madness fan boys that have the same icon as you... change it


2011-01-29 19:31:02

steer clear of anonymous, harass furries. BOOM


2011-06-16 02:52:40

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